Seminars & Workshops

Invited seminars and workshops @DEI

September 27, 2019 (Sala riunioni DEI/G)

“Visual Analytics Explorations of Single-Cell Landscapes” – Blaz Zupan (University of Ljubljana and Baylor College of Medicine)

September 23, 2019 (Aula Magna DEI)

“Cybergenetics: building novel genetic feedback control systems for living cells” – Mustafa
Khammash (ETH) – DEI Distinguished Lecture Series 2019

February 12, 2019 (Aula Magna DEI)

“Systems and synthetic biology workshop” – Marilisa Cortesi (University of Bologna), Simone Furini (University of Siena), Matteo Barberis (University of Surrey), Franco Blanchini (University of Udine), Massimo Bellato (University of Pavia), Emanuele Giordano (University of Bologna)

July 5, 2018 (Sala riunioni DEI/G)

“Stochastic Dynamics and Control of Biological Circuits” – Abhyudai Singh (University of Delaware) slide

May 21, 2018 (Aula Magna DEI)

“Single cell Omics in tumor immunology” – Prof. Massimiliano Pagani (Istituto Nazionale di Genetica Molecolare e Università degli studi di Milano)


Attended seminars and workshops

  • Vandin F. Finding Patterns in Cancer Genomes: Algorithms and Challenges, Workshop on the Future of Algorithms in Biology. Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), USA, 2018.
  • Vandin F. Computational methods to discover significant mutations in cancer genomes. UNIBO-UCSD Cooperation Project Workshop, University of Bologna, 2018.
  • Di Camillo B. Reverse engineering single cell data: challenges and perspectives. Invited talk at EMBO Workshop: Network inference in biology and disease. 10 – 13 September 2019, Naples, Italy.